Meet eWeLink Advanced plan

$9.9 Per Year
  • Accessible anywhere

    Access devices from anywhere anytime

  • Large-screen friendly

    Wide view with larger screens

  • Low os requirement

    Compatible with almost any device

  • Historical Data Download

    Saved and viewed

  • Control your favorite devices on the customized dashboard

  • Create up to 5 dashboards to meet your different needs

  • Simply drag and drop the icon to sort devices & scenes

  • Set access PIN code to avoid unexpected dashboard switching

  • ewelink_webhook_01.png

    Send or Receive data or calling via Webhooks immediately

  • ewelink_webhook_02.png

    Setup on Webhooks on eWeLink Web

  • ewelink_webhook_03.png

    Easily build integration with other platforms

  • ewelink_webhook_04.png

    3P API webhook eWeLink up to 100 times per day

  • ewelink_webhook_05.png

    eWeLink webhook 3P API up to 120 times per minutue

  • Set your own phrase to

    ask Google Assistant to

    control eWeLink

  • Make or receive a web

    request via IFTTT with


  • Trigger your eWeLink

    devices at sunrise or


  • Control SmartThings

    devices with eWeLink

    devices or vice versa

  • Turn on/off eWeLink

    devices based on your


  • Old phone turned into

    security camera

  • Record here

    View anywhere

  • Watch from

    eWeLink Web

  • Live view on

    Echo Show &

    Google Nest Hub

  • Up to 5 cameras

    for advanced user

  • Control manual scenes on your PC or Mac

  • Set up any keyboard shortcuts you want

  • Get more done,faster

  • Up to 10 keyboard shortcuts for advanced user

  • Docker container image

    Pull and run in Docker container

  • High compatibility

    Works with most brands of local IP cameras

  • Video Stream Conversion

    Convert RTSP to WebRTC

  • View from anywhere

    Watch over from multiple


  • Up to 10

    Number of cameras added to one gateway

*View from eWeLink App supported, working on eWeLink Web / Echo Show / Google Nest Hub , please stay tuned

Download eWeLink Camera Gateway docker >
  • 10 homes

    Number of homes

  • 200 rooms

    Number of rooms

  • 1000 scenes

    Number of scenes

  • 200 groups

    Number of groups

  • 100 shared users

    Sharing limit per device

Features and price Free
$ 0 /year
$ 9.9 /year
Cross-platform Control[Updated]    
eWeLink Web ×
Number of eWeLink Keyboard Shortcuts 1 10
eWeLink Cast[New Feature]    
Cast ×
eWeLink Webhooks[New Feature]    
Webhooks ×
Works With IFTTT    
eWeLink Camera App    
Number of eWeLink Cameras 1 5
eWeLink Camera Gateway    
Number of cameras add to camera gateway 1 10
Number of homes 5 10
Number of rooms 100 200
Number of scenes 300 1000
Number of groups 50 200
Sharing limit per device 20 100