Meet eWeLink Advanced plan

$9.9 Per Year
  • Accessible anywhere

    Access devices from anywhere anytime

  • Large-screen friendly

    Wide view with larger screens

  • Low os requirement

    Compatible with almost any device

  • Historical Data Download

    Saved and viewed

  • New

    Webhook Controlling

    Scenes and reporting status back

  • Set your own phrase to

    ask Google Assistant to

    control eWeLink

  • Make or receive a web

    request via IFTTT with


  • Trigger your eWeLink

    devices at sunrise or


  • Control SmartThings

    devices with eWeLink

    devices or vice versa

  • Turn on/off eWeLink

    devices based on your


  • Old phone turned into

    security camera

  • Record here

    View anywhere

  • Watch from

    eWeLink Web

  • Live view on

    Echo Show &

    Google Nest Hub

  • Up to 5 cameras

    for advanced user

  • Control manual scenes on your PC or Mac

  • Set up any keyboard shortcuts you want

  • Get more done,faster

  • Up to 10 keyboard shortcuts for advanced user

  • Docker container image

    Pull and run in Docker container

  • High compatibility

    Works with most brands of local IP cameras

  • Video Stream Conversion

    Convert RTSP to WebRTC

  • View from anywhere

    Watch over from multiple


  • Up to 10

    Number of cameras added to one gateway

*View from eWeLink App supported, working on eWeLink Web / Echo Show / Google Nest Hub , please stay tuned

Download eWeLink Camera Gateway docker >
  • 10 homes

    Number of homes

  • 200 rooms

    Number of rooms

  • 1000 scenes

    Number of scenes

  • 200 groups

    Number of groups

  • 100 shared users

    Sharing limit per device

Features and priceFree
$ 0 /year
$ 9.9 /year
Cross-platform Control[Updated]
eWeLink Web×
Number of eWeLink Keyboard Shortcuts110
Works With IFTTT
eWeLink Camera App
Number of eWeLink Cameras15
eWeLink Camera Gateway
Number of cameras add to camera gateway110
Number of homes510
Number of rooms100200
Number of scenes3001000
Number of groups50200
Sharing limit per device20100